UB Productions was founded by Roy Szuper in 1996. The first production, titled "My Wave," was a half hour sketch comedy pilot featuring an eclectic writing and acting ensemble. A half hour news forum on Federal Mandatory Minimum Prison Sentences followed in 1997. 1998 saw UB Productions' first film project as well as the beginning of a two year journey into the New York City music scene in the form of "Concert Joe: A New York Story." The millennium brought UB Productions towards a new vision: a collaboration with Yoel Ben Simhon and his Sultana Ensemble, a multi-cultural musical experience. Also featured were UB regulars Christopher Koons contributing with his visual prowess, Tone Vazquez with his all encompassing energy, Ryan Martone with his guitar and bass talents, and newcomer, Kyle Scott with his keen musical sensibilities.
November 2002 CHARCOAL is latest film from UB Productions.

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Telephone: 212-539-7550

Universal Beef Productions in association with The Sultana Ensemble presents
Mediterranean Collage: A Multi-Media Experience. Featuring the visual imagery of Roy Szuper and the musical compositions of Yoel Ben-Simhon, Mediterranean Collage: A Multi-Media Experience, will explore social, political, and spiritual themes.

Roy Szuper

Yoel Ben Simhon

Christopher Koons

Tone Vazquez

Kyle Scott
Ray Wood
Musical Composer/Director
Editor/Post Production Supervisor
Production Consultant/Still Photography
Sound Design
Internet Consultant